E-Mail 1/20/2014

Hey family,

Things are really starting to pick up in our area. Me and Elder Mackay had two people at church which was really good. The Lord has really been blessing us this week. We got a referral from a member of the church in Denmark. His two nephews are on foreign exchange programs. One is based in Hurrican, Utah and the other (Mads) is based here in Eastbourne. His brother in utah is going to church every Sunday and attending YM and even goes Home Teaching. 
   His brother on the other hand has been struggling while in England. He went on vacation to Utah and saw how happy his brother is. So his uncle got in contact with the stake and when we had a reach out last Friday they went to visit him. He came to church last week and is doing really well. His 16 and his dad is fine with both his boys attending church. 
   Had an exchange with Polegate missionaries. It is so good to see how much they both have grown as missionaries. They are now working really hard and seeing a lot more success. Could partly do with I told them that if they didn’t work harder they would probably close down the polegate area. That seemed to help. I went with Elder Preece. I feel like we always have really good talks when we are on exchange.
   My district meeting was blah…. could have prepared more. I’m hoping this weeks is alot better. If I do get moved this tranfer it will probably be my second to last one. Will be nice not to have to worry about that any more. I’m getting to that phase were I’m pretty sure I’m going to be moving I just dont know where too or what I’ll be moving. Oh by the way I got whats called as the Truncky call today. They told me I will be going home on the 23 of April. Asked which airport and such I will be leaving to and such other questions.
    Driving lesson are going really good. I picked up driving a manual really quickly. Now it’s just getting use to round abouts and their driving maneuvers. Such a pain!!!! Any how they are going well. I should have my test at the end of January. Next Tuesday I believe.
   Me and elder Mackay are getting along alot better this week. We are supporting each other as much as we can. Especially with being obedient. Plus the work is really picking up. By the end of this week I’m hoping to have maybe 3 baptismal dates sometime in February. I probably wont see them but Elder Mackay and his next companion can then hopefully just keep the work going.
   The District numbers this week kinda made me depressed last night. I just feel like we as a whole can do alot better. I don’t feel like we should be doing average but that we can be hitting all time highs. I’m learning alot about supporting others and helping them improve but how do I keep doing that for myself. I have never self analyzed myself so much before in my life to see where I am and what I’m doing. That verse in Mosiah 3:19 has really come true to me. That inside we always have two half’s hitting for control. Which one are we letting be in control????
                  One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.
He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

“One is Evil – It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

“The other is Good – It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”


    Well I hope all is well at home. Thanks for all the love and the support. Love
         Elder Oviatt

E-Mail 1/13/2014

Goals for the next 3 Transfers:

1. Be more obedient

     A. Half 6 to half 10
     B. Follow every rule in White handbook
     C. Use this time wisely
2. Be a better missionary/leader
     A. Be example
     B.Study Leadership every Monday
     C.Serve, (charity and Love)
     D.No negative comments about others
     E. Mesmerize 1 scripture a day 
3. Baptise 6 people in 4 months
     A. Prayer
     B. Diligence
     C. Zone/Area goals
     D. Beat the average
 This past week has been hectic!!! We have had to travel to Brighton 4 times this week. Elder Yu in Brighton came down with chicken pox’s and they had a baptism last Saturday. So we went Wednesday for District meeting Thursday for the baptismal interview and Saturday for a work over and so Elder Sillito could go to the baptism. The kid that was baptised was 9 years old and I did his interview. It was kinda weird doing a interview for someone so young. But I learned alot.  The work over on Saturday was good. Elder makcay stayed in the flat with Elder YU and I went out with Elder Sillito. He was glad to get out of the flat and be able to work at least for a day. 

      But we did have a lot of travel this week. It’s a 45 minute train ride to Brighton and a hour and a half bus ride if we take the bus. We did both because the bus is way cheaper. We tries our best to talk to people as we traveled and it was actually really good. We had 3 or 4 really good conversations. 
      The district over all is doing so good. I’m really pleased with how it is all going. I feel like I have their trust and their support and when I give training or advice I can see it implemented. Especially with the Sisters in Brighton. They had an exchange with the Sister Trainer Leaders from Hasting which they learned alot and had fun with. Man though the sister in Hastings are like Robots over the phone. They had to call me and report on how the exchange went. It was super mechanical. 
    Went on exchange with Elder Shorzman who is the new Zl in Crawly. He was in my District in the MTC. It was good. He has matured alot since I last saw him. 
    Sorry for the short letter this week. 
             I love you guys. And keep up the emails!!!!!! 🙂 
                      Elder Oviatt

E-Mail 1/6/2014

Hello Family,
    This past week has been good. I can’t believe it’s 2014!!! Crazy!!! So the past few weeks finding people has been a nightmare. Its been cold and raining and with the holidays nobody wants to stop and talk. (No matter how good looking they are:) ) I was talking to Elder Mackay and I said that I cant remember the last day were it didn’t rain. And its super true. I really cant. I think maybe early December. The weather has been horrible. I did end up buying another umbrella but that was only because in England they do all their sells after Christmas. Weird I know but they do. So I bought a umbrella for 10 £ that was normally I think 20. So good deal!!!
    Even with the bad weather and not being able to do much besides contacting and knocking and stopping buy members I have been feeling quite positive I guess. And I want to thank Debbie for what you wrote in the email to me today. Thanks. I’m glad that I can put off that VIb of happiness sometimes. 🙂 Any way I think it is because of the relationships I have at the moment. I feel like I’m surrounded by people that believe for the most part what I believe. The district all get what I believe and They want that same goal or vision. The Zone leaders especially Elder wainwright who I have known for most of my mission and has been my ZL for like 4 months now gets me and has a really good goal/vision I can get a hold of. I feel really good about this next transfer. I have 6 weeks left in Eastbourne I’m guessing. And I really hope that I can do some good while I’m here. 
    We need to find some new people and hopefully the weather will keep up. The ZL’s were supper strick on me yesterday while accounting. They really expect a lot from me and I hope I can take what they want and give it to the District in a good way. I have learn a lot from being on my mission and I kinda feel that every thing I have learned so far is getting pushed into this next 3 transfers. 
   One of the missionaries Elder Yu, in Brighton came down with the chicken pox. Poor guy. At least I can empathy now. 🙂 Thanks to last year. We are going to Brighton today to eat at nando’s. Im super excited!!! Love you guys and sorry if this is to short but I’m trying. LOL 
        Hope all is great back home
               Love Elder 

E-Mail 1/1/2014

Dear Family,

Well so at the moment I am emailing at the Dersons, (Parsons/Dean) house so Right now they are watching me type in everything so no super secret stuff this week. 
   New years was just about as good as last year. We didn’t even stay up. lol. Jordan’s girlfriend doesn’t like him any more. How was your New years eve??? How was the family dinner? 
   Oh yeah so moves were not too exciting. I’m staying with Elder Mackay in Eastbourne for another 6 weeks. So no ZL for me!!!! Yeah!!! The only change in the District is that Elder Jackman is moving to the Island of Jersey. And we are getting a Chinese missionary. 
   I’m really excited that I’m staying another 6 weeks in Eastbourne. Elder Mackay will be my longest companion. I have some really good ideas for the District this transfer. Like I said I don’t have a lot to say this week either. sorry. I’m going to start my driving lessons this or next week. Kinda excited but also nervous. 
Can’t wait to hear from you guys next week.. 
Love you
        Elder Oviatt

E-Mail 12/23/2013


   I’m so excited to skype on Wednesday!!! We are going to be at a families (The Parsons) for most of the day but in the evening we will be going to a different family. The smiths. So it should be a really good day.
   This past week was also really good! We went to the temple on Thursday and had the chance to have a session. 
It was really good. I love the new presentation. 
We also had dinner and got to kinda just hang out which was really good. The travel there was horrible. We had to take a two hour train ride to get to the train station closest to the London temple. 
   This week just flew by. Me and Elder Mackay are doing good though. We we’re able to find quite a few new people so that was good.   We also travel do Brighton for Interviews with the mission president. They were also really good. I had to get a new Temple recommend. But this one doesn’t have the word missionary on it. I’m kinda sad about that. Haha.  
   Elder mackay is doing really well. He’s all done with being trained. I think there is a good chance that i’ll be moved this next transfer. I dont feel like I have all to much to say so I guess I’ll talk to you guys on Christmas.

E-Mai;l 12/16/2013


Dear Family

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  • Debbie Oviatt
  • Serena Oviatt
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Man this past week has flown by. We had two exchanges with the Elders in Polegate on Wednesday. I also had to do three interviews for baptism this week. I haven’t done any and then this week I did 3. ” of them were baptized on Saturday and the last will be on Wednesday We also had a exchange with the zone leaders again. I stayed in Eastbourne while Elder Mackay went to Crawley with Elder Wainwright. It was a good exchange but we had to train all the way to Brighton in the evening for a interview and dinner. Then train back. 

   The interviews were really good. I was super nervous for them. But all three of them were pretty solid. It has changed how I teach my investigators. I studies the qualifications for baptism to prepare my self and I realized how important it is to have our investigators feel that repentance process before they are baptised. I think about how maybe I haven’t taught or invited my investigators to go through that process which is so important. They should be able to feel the atonement before the are baptised. One of my favorite parts of the interviews was that at the end I shared my testimony and invited them to do the same. For all three of them it was the first time they had done that and especially with one of them I could feel the spirit super strong when he declared what he believed and felt about the church. 
     We sung at a stake choir carol concert. All the missionaries sung I’ll go where you want me to go. Really powerful. Also we got a new Ward mission leader. The last one struggled….. But I love him alot. He’s a great guy. The new ward mission leader is amazing. He’s one of the most consecrated guys I have ever met!! He helps/ volunteer with fair lds super sweet!!! When ever I have a question on religious anything!!! I go to him. 
     Oh yeah!!! I was vegetarian for a week. One of the Elders in my District is Vegetarian and when I was on exchange with him we were talking and I said that if he was my companion I would go vegetarian while I was with him. Elder Preece said that he bet I couldn’t go a week. So we bet/dared each other to go a whole week. The only exceptions was at Dinner appointments. We only had two. It wasn’t that hard really. There was a couple times where I craved meat but not that bad. I did buy a giant thing of chicken from the deli at Sainsbury’s for lunch when it was over!!! 
    We have been doing alot of service this week. We painted three times. It’s a good thing I love painting. With the cold weather it is harder to talk to people but I did meet this really cool girl named Shannon who’s grandfather is a Jehovah’s Witness. She believes that there has to be a God but doesn’t think the Jehovah’s witness’s is the right church. Does believe in one true church though. We’re suppose to meet up with her later in the week. 
       We are going to the temple on Thursday for our day at the temple for Christmas. I’m excited. I realized that My temple recommend expires this month. Also next sunday is my 3 year mark as a member. I have been thinking about how far I have come in that three years. Members still laugh when I tell them that I have been a missionary longer then I have been a normal member of the church. I feel a lot better about being a district leader. It only took 3 moves but I feel like I can handle it. Still a lot I can learn and do better but over all things are good. I normally account with the zone leaders on Friday mornings as well as Sunday evening on how things in the district are going and how I’m doing. Last Friday the Zone leader were on exchange with the Ap’s and so They had me account with Elder Patten who is one of the ap’s. I called and he answered and I was super surprised. But we did a really good accounting. He said that I’m one of the strongest District leaders in the mission. The zone leaders keep praising me as well. I don’t like it!!!!! I feel like I have a hard enough time staying humble and having people say that your doing amazing and that your the most trust worthy district leader doesn’t help. By the way I’m not saying this to show off but just to let you guys know how I’m feeling. How do you balance knowing your doing a good job but still being humble and teachable???? 
   Well I hope this satisfies your guys knowledge for everything that is Elder Oviatt. 
      With Love
            Elder (I’m super humble) Oviatt

Common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment. Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.”

E-Mail 12/9/2013

Thanks for that!!!! It was perfect and complimented what I studies as well! I know that my mission has me appreciate what Christ has done for me more. Chirstmas…… I havn’t really thought about. But we didwalked through the shopping centre this morning and I found it funny how they were plaing the first noel. And how any other time of the year if you were to play a song that mentioned or even refered to Jesus (espesially in England) There would be complaints and a whole bunch of other things but how for one months a year, even in a place as diverese as England you can hear the words
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!
in a Shopping centre. I thought that was interesting

E-Mail 12/2/2013

We had ZOne conference this week is was really good. Elder Tezeria from the area 70 was down. He gave us some really good advice and I felt like it really helped. Elder Tezeria talked ABOUT RAISING OUR VISION AND WHAT WE CAN ACCOMPLISH!  Said that we need to raise our vision.

   We also had stake conference this week. It was really good. I realized that it was the 2nd stake conference I have gone to this year. The Adult session was based on member missionary work. We had a YSA named Jordan and his girlfriend drive us there. It was really cool. It still has been a rough week but it getting better. Me and Elder Mackay are still working hard. Yea Having Dave drop us was really hard but it’s okay. 
   We bought a Christmas tree today!!!! It’s great. I’ll try and get a picture next week. We chipped in as a district and bought a good size tree. The Polegate missionaries are going to stay Christmas eve. I’m really excited. This Christmas should be alot better then last Christmas. 
    The zone leaders when I accounted Yesterday think I’m over stressed. hah Me over stressed…… 🙂 ha. Maybe I am I don’t know. I’m trying really hard to help out the polegate missionaries that are still struggling. I went on exchange with Elder P and He said that he has never talked to as many people as we talked to that day. I just wanted to find people for them to teach. I’m worried that if things don’t improve there that the area might be closed down. Which would be hard. I don’t want that area to fail. 
      How are things back home???? Have you guys set up your Christmas tree yet? Seku how are you adjusting? Are things back home weird? Do you miss your mission?
   I was thinking this week how cool it is to be a missionary during Christmas. To be able to testify of Jesus Christ during Christmas is super cool. I look forward to the coming weeks. The zone leaders ask me to study Faith and Hope this week. They said that hopefully that will help. If you guys want to I would love to hear what you have to say on those two things. 
     I love you guys
                 Elder Oviatt 

E-Mail 11/25/2013

Hey guys this week was okay. Another week of disappointment. Dave dropped us this week. 😦 His family got involved and not quite sure what happened. SO Both me and Elder Mackay are pretty upset about that. We did get a referral from a lady in our ward that has been talking to a Lady in a fish shop. She’s going through a separation at the moment and is a super nice lady. Nice person in England??? I know!!! One in a few. 🙂 Not really though. Everyone is still nice they just put up a wall of I don’t care. You have to get through that wall before people will actually talk to you. 

   Our Ward Christmas activity is the 7 of December. I’m having to learn how to play on the piano we three kings and o come o come Emanuel. That’s kinda fun. I’m really excited about Zone conference this week. It should be really good. But we have to be in Crawely at 9 in the morning and it’s roughly a 2 hour journey so we are going to have to wake up earlier then normal and catch a train at about 7.    We also have stake conference this week end. Which is suppose to be really good. Normally the missionaries don’t go to the adult session on Saturday night but this time all the missionaries are suppose to attend. Also Apparently all the missionaries in the zone will be singing in it as well. 
   I was thinking this week about what I could do to help the district. I Think I know what I’m suppose to do. I was thinking and that scripture about having a vision hit me. the one that goes something along the lines of “where their is no vision the people perish” So I thought about what my vision for the district is and what I would want us to improve on during the next 5 weeks. So I made a list of 3 or 4 things and I shared that with them last night during a conference call. I was thinking that what helps me to work harder is that I know what the Mission President and the Zone leaders are working for (or their Visions) so I made my reflect theirs and gave it to the District. I’m going to try and follow up and probably talk about those things in my district meetings later in the month. 
  So Kinda interesting is that move day falls on Christmas day. haha. No one knows what day it is going to get moved to. I hope it is after Christmas. Im guessing I’m going to move at the end of this 6 weeks and I really don’t want to move before Christmas again!!!! Last Christmas was really hard because of that. But I’ll be okay with whatever happens. I really love you guys. Thanks for all the support I get from you guys. I love the advice. Especially from Both Kylie and Seku. Considering they just got done doing what I’m doing. No offense to anyone else. 🙂 
  I hope we can find some good people this week. I’m getting really tired of rejection fast but hey I guess it’s for my own good. 
 Love you guys again.
            Elder (good looking) Oviatt 🙂

E-Mail 11/18/2013

That’s cool to hear that Seku’s home. It feels weird actually. Really weird. His first week home and I didn’t even get a email!!!! haha I found the thing about savoring the food really funny. How is Seku different? what do you expect me to be. This past week has been good. I still feel like we are hitting a dead wall. It has been super hard to find people lately. I’m getting kinda frustrated. Moves were last week and for the most part not to much changed. One of the Zone leaders left, Elder Gardner, Which I’m sad about. I learned alot from him and he’s become a great friend. One of the sisters moved back to the visitor center at the Temple and a new sister is in Brighton. Also a Elder that is on his last move replaced Elder Stephan in Hove (Brighton). So the district isn’t super new any more.

Dave came to church and a ward activity we had. He’s a simple guy, so I had bishop kinda meet him just to make sure he’s accountable. haha. But he has a really good spirit and just has had a hard life. He struggles to read so we gave him the book of Mormon on CD. He’s been loving it!!! he’ll probably get baptized in Dec. 

Still trying to figure out what to share for district meeting this week. Have no clue at the moment. But I’ll study it out tonight and feel what is right. Thanks for the pictures and the emails. Love you guys. 
       Elder Oviatt