This week has been good. Again tiring but good. I really love general conference!! It is nice to be taught and instructed when you feel like your the one that does all the teaching/Instructing. Also It’s weird knowing that this will be the last time I watch conference in the format that they have to here in England do to the time change. My favorite session was Sunday morning session. Bednar and the young mens presidency talks were both really good.
     I got my travel plans this week. Not going to lie took a bit of a hit there but Im all good again after conference. 🙂 It is also funny to see missionaries in my group that are way more trunky then me. I noticed that yesterday at conference. made me feel better! 🙂
    Me and Elder Pulman are doing well. really good guy. We have alot of fun together. He knew a ton of the people in Reading yesterday. People kept accidental calling him Josh. His first name.
But we fasted from Saturday to Sunday for the zone goals and I guess just success in our labors so Elder Pulman made some delicious sandwiches for us and we bought some lunch stuff!! I dont know if it was just because I was starving hungry or what but man they were Delicious!!!
    I went on my exchange with the zone leaders this week. My last one. I was with Elder mafubelu. He goes home the same time as me. But he travels to South Africa. really good guy. Really good last exchange. We taught like 6 or 7 people that day. really good day. I always enjoy exchanges and It has been weird not to do as many as I was in Eastbourne. Next few weeks will be really interesting. Have a missionary farewell this Sunday and then a wedding the weekend after that at the chapel of a recent convert to a member. Not sure if were are going or not. They said their was going to be alot of people not in the church there. and it will be my last weekend so….. Idk . We’ll see how it goes.
      Well love you guys.
         Getting more excited to see you. Still really nervous though but yea….
       The best looking missionary in England!
         Elder Oviatt