I forgot to ask actually…. Sorry!!! Im guessing President was thinking of making me a zl and so he asked me to get it but probably prayed about it and was like oh definitely not!! haha Idk I’d guess that though. Companion still about the same. I feel like I can do a better job though at making a relationship there. There’s more things I can do to build that trust. I’m still tired though. During  My interview president asked me to help him. We talked about how easy it would be to just endure for the next 3 weeks and not deal with it but he has asked me to. I feel like we are back to where we were before our last talk. so IDK. I have been praying about it and I fasted yesterday so that I could be a better companion for Elder S.
    Glad your doing better. You’ll have to tell me Point Number 1 When I get home !! 🙂
Haha I love those Ideas Debbi,  to bad I can’t draw though……  I’m still thinking about it I might Put the Lyrics to the Hymn the time is far spent on it and then Print out a whole bunch of tiny photos of things that have happened on my mission. Idk
 If you send me Karlie’s email I’ll send her one next Monday. I think you already have but I cant find it…. :/
This week has been good though. There’s a kid named Kar Seng who has been taught since 14 but can’t be baptised because so his dad. He was in a really spiritually low when I got here but now he’s better. Before he wanted to be baptised next February and I was like what!!??? Why??? Why not in June when you turn18??? I did some praying and we had a really good lesson and he accepted a date to be baptised on the 28th of June. About a week and a half after his birthday. Really spiritual lesson. We asked him and he was like I have to think about it. We then asked what the spirit was saying to him and he said that it was saying to DO IT! haha so it was really good. I love times like those.
  The ZL’s Challenged us to go over 20 lessons this week. Im really excited about it. I enjoy being pushed to reach stuff like that. So we’re going for it. I don’t think Elder S is as game as I am but oh well. District had a really good week last week. Made me happy. Still trying to find out how to support, uplift and motivate. Much Different then my last district.
   Not to much news besides that. Going to do a district meeting on consecration. Hopefully It goes well. Can’t believe my birthday next Sunday!!! I feel old. Is this how you guys feel?? 🙂
              With love
                 Elder Oviatt