Hey so this past week has been so much better. I really enjoy my new companion Elder Pulman. He really great guy from Wales.Another British companion!! 🙂 He’s a really hard worker and I’m excited that he’s my last companion. So Far this week we have got 3 new investigators and have ran into some really cool less actives. We had zone training this week which I have to talk at so there’s that. It went alright I thought. It was for 20 minutes!!!!! Goodness! But it went well. they also have all the missionaries that are going home give their last or dying testimony. So I also  had to do that. Man I bet they were sick of hearing me talk by the end of it.
       But yeah. Don’t know much else what to say considering I talked to you Yesterday. But it was really good to talk to you guys. Does a Missionaries heart good. Even if all you guys talked about was what It’ll be like when I’m home. haha. It goes by so fast. Crazy fast!! This transfer is also a 5 week transfer so even faster. New companion is really good though. He’s kinda like the grim reaper of the mission. ha ah . I’m his 3rd companion his finished and he’s only been out about 9 months. We get along well though. He says I’m the least Trunky of any of his comps though. 🙂 
     Doing my best to finish hard. Sorry I was so tired yesterday. I’m still really tired today. But slightly better. I have some really bad bags under my eyes today though. Kinda looks like a have a black eye. Like I said when I get home I just want to sleep for like 2 days. Eat and sleep. That sounds nice. lol, Well Like I said not much to share but I did my best. Love you guys and talk to you all soon.
                        Elder Oviatt