Dont know if or who of us is moving yet. Will probably find out in a couple of hours or so. Everythings been alright. Kinda same-o same-o. Hard week. Didn’t teach that much but Kai Thu is still doing really well!!! 🙂 We see him like 4 times a week now. Sorry dont have alot of time to send long email but if I get the chance I’ll try and send another short one of Wednesday. We do FHE at a members house every monday for kinda everyone that doesn’t have any where else to go and it’s really good. Last week we had 2 Investigators there and 3 kinda less active/recent converts. Hopefully this week will turn out the same. Last night we hd a lesson that ran late so as we were walking home we stopped by a family so that I could use there kitchen table to account on. They gave us food! 🙂 Again sorry for short email this week. Hopefully I will have more mental and physical energy to email again on Wednesday.
Dear family,
 While I was sending off my president letter I felt like it kinda summed up everything so I added it to this. District meeting was really good this week. Spirit was alot stronger then last weeks. This will be the lst District meeting of this transfer. 😦 Surprisingly even with everything that has been going on it still flew by. I feel like I just got here in basingstoke. I thought it was weird when I realized I had been here for 5 weeks already. So fast.  But all the little kids in the Ward love me already!!!!! It’s super funny. My comp thinks its weird. One of the little girls that we had dinner at during the week ran up to me during sacrament meeting and waved and then ran away. It was really funny. Also I don’t know if you guys know this but in England they have what’s called pancake day. Oh my goodness. Why is this not a thing in America!!!?! It’s amazing mostly everyone eats pancakes all day! It’s Awesome!
 Birthday was good. Had a crazy Dinner! A cake. that’s about it but it was good. One of the sister’s in my District made me Oreo cake balls!!! Amazing! Like celestial Kingdom in my mouth!
   I’m glad that everything is going better at home.
                Miss you guys oh so much!!!! Hopefully I can talk to you guys soon. Next week is transfers so no email until probably Wednesday. 🙂 Love ya
   Elder Oviatt
Dear President Millar,
How are you doing?
This week will be different though. Im going to just push and not give up. Maybe this is the week where I can break through. I was lazy last week but that’s not going to happen again I don’t have time for that. 
Besides all that its going good. Investigators are increasing and Khai Thu is doing well. He is starting to get a good relationship with the members, He’s coming to FHE with us tonight. Hopefully we can see some referrals soon. I really want to put into practice more of what President Judd said at last Zone Conference but Elder Simpson’s says that its to bold and would offend people, soI’m just going to wait. 
Thanks for your letter today. It was very uplifting and helped me alot