So this past week has been Kinda a roller coaster. The work has really picked up here in Basingstoke. We found 4 new people who we were able to set up appointments with and got a lot more numbers and addresses to just “Stop By”.  I have felt really fulfilled this week. Elder S and My self have still been struggling. But on Thursday we had our weekly planning and Companionship inventory. I was really honest and open and told him what I thought and he didn’t say much but didn’t deny anything I was saying. Not Alot has changed except for kinda the Dynamic of our Companionship. He Likes being the one in charge and by now you guys know how much I hate it so I was fine with it. Before he was very much the dominant and I was fine with that. I didn’t know the area. Made sense for him to lead. But sense Friday he has been alot more of sitting back and having me make the decisions. Kinda nice but kinda not. When Ever I made a decision before he would argue it and all this other stuff to now he just kinda goes with it.   But still alot of not telling the truth. This was also the same night that president called asking for your guys number so that he could call and see how Dad’s surgery went. I love President Millar. I heard he talked to Debbie and then he called me back to say that everything was alright. Was it weird when he called??? I hope Debbie didn’t yell at him like dad did to Sister Parsens. 🙂
    Like I said the work is picking up. I feel like Im getting a good relationship with a lot of the ward. We also had Zone Conference this week. Probably my last one….  ha, It was really good though. Amazing really. One of my favorites. President gave us some really good counsel but I really Loved President Judd. He’s American and gives really good straight forward things to do. Norm all accompanied by a funny story. But he talked about working with members. We tried some of the things that he said for us to do last night and it worked!!!! Amazing. The family is going to invite a friend to church in the month of march. (It is the best month by the way) 🙂
    So Zone conference kinda bitter sweet. Amazing experience but kinda sad that it’s the last one. We have interviews with President this Wednesday. Maybe I’ll ask him Why I got my driving license??? I did get it in the mail this week. I does look pretty good just saying. Im trying to think of Ideas to decorate my last planner with… Have any ideas????
Well got to go but I’ll talk to you guys soon. Maybe English Mothers day. 🙂
           Love Elder (To good to to home) Oviatt