Dear Family,
   This week has been a challenge. The weather has been horrible. Their is tons of flooding all over England and their is another storm coming in today or tomorrow. My super sturdy golf umbrella has been a life saver!!! Went on exchange with the Zone leaders in Reading. It was super good!!!! I really enjoyed it. I went with a missionary that is from my group. Elder Hergerhorst. Really good guy. Reading is like super old. It looks really English. I know that sounds funny because Im in England but it just looks super old English. Kinda funny. District meeting was good. Zone leaders came. Which I was glad because if they didn’t it would have just been me my companion and the Sisters. We set goals for this transfers and just talked about how to accomplish them. Was really effective I thought. We want to be getting alot more people to church. AS a district we want to get 5 people to church. the sister 2 and us 3. Which is kinda funny because the sisters yesterday had 3 and we had , But hey I just got here and they just had a random polish guy walk up and come to sacrament meeter. So kinda unfair.
      Doing my best to get along with my new companion Elder Simpson. Really good guy. From Scotland as well. Three in a row. Man!!! Now I feel kinda obligated to go visit there some day. We are teaching a kid named Kar Seng. Family is from China. He’s 17 and has been coming to church for 2 years. His dad wont let him get baptized! We jell really well. Had a lesson with him on Sunday after church and he said that he feels like he is the lowest spiritually since he has been taught. So we are really going to do our best to get him back on track. We have an appointment with a part member family that use to be in Aldershot then moved to Basingstock while I was there. So it’s really funny to see them again. The Mom who isn’t a member but has alot of member family is going to feed us on Tuesday. Im really excited because she’s from the Philippines and they make really good food. 🙂 Yeah!!! FOOD!
    Im not sure what Im going to be doing my last move. I kinda have the feeling the President might make me move to a car area for my last move or I hope I get a new comp.  Not sure though….
         So Interesting part of the week. THe normal person that plays piano called us on Saturday and said that she wouldn’t be at church and asked if I could play. Her husband heard me playing 1 of like the 3 hymns I know before youth. I told her I can only play like 5 hymns and not very well but she was like oh you’ll do fine just play the top hand if you want. They had no one else!!!!! ahhh. So they made me play in Sacrament meeting!!!! I was super nervous. But it went alright. A few mess ups but I thought it was okay. Thanks goodness!!!! Not going to let them do that to me again!!! Also This ward does Sacrament last. 1st one besides Catford which was my 1st ward. So If I do leave from here it will be just like home. Weird!!!
       Any way that is really all for this week.
               Love you guys
                     Elder Oviatt