Hey guys,
   So I got moved to a new area in reading zone called Basingstoke. It’s a really good ward. TONS of little kids every where. Families everywhere. It reminds me of our ward back home. I’m really excited to be here. My new companion is Elder Simpson from Scotland. Yep that’s three Scots in a row. How would you guys feel if I came home with a Scottish accent???? eye ladi
   We are getting a long really well though. I think it should be a good companionship. We both want to work hard and get along so I don’t see any problems. We had a Chinese guy just pop into Church on Sunday. He’s visiting for a few months and saw our church and came in. He stayed for all 3 hours and really enjoyed it. We are suppose to meet him again on Wednesday at the chapel. We also have a baptismal date for march 8th but I haven’t met him yet.
    So far things are really good. They had me and sister Brown bear our testimonies on Sunday since we are new. It’s weird…. I went from a district of 8 with a senior couple to just me and my companion and a set of sisters. And we serve in the same ward. My accounting is much shorter. :))
   Most likely this will be my last area…. I don’t see president moving moving for my last 6 weeks. Oh yeah and Driving license…. I have no clue!!!! I passed but I don’t know why he had me get it. It was probably that he was thinking about making me ZL and changed his mind or idk…. At least I come home with an expensive souvenir. lol jk
     That was really all this week. I do miss Eastbourne. Leaving a area after 7 and a half months is super hard. You really start to love everyone there.  And I have had to do it twice!!! Torture!!! haha Its okay I’ll come back at some point. Like when I’m rich and famous. 🙂 Everyone in my last District was super cool, I’m going to miss them as well. Oh well Church is true!!! and facebook is a thing so all is well. haha
       Elder Oviatt