Goals for the next 3 Transfers:

1. Be more obedient

     A. Half 6 to half 10
     B. Follow every rule in White handbook
     C. Use this time wisely
2. Be a better missionary/leader
     A. Be example
     B.Study Leadership every Monday
     C.Serve, (charity and Love)
     D.No negative comments about others
     E. Mesmerize 1 scripture a day 
3. Baptise 6 people in 4 months
     A. Prayer
     B. Diligence
     C. Zone/Area goals
     D. Beat the average
 This past week has been hectic!!! We have had to travel to Brighton 4 times this week. Elder Yu in Brighton came down with chicken pox’s and they had a baptism last Saturday. So we went Wednesday for District meeting Thursday for the baptismal interview and Saturday for a work over and so Elder Sillito could go to the baptism. The kid that was baptised was 9 years old and I did his interview. It was kinda weird doing a interview for someone so young. But I learned alot.  The work over on Saturday was good. Elder makcay stayed in the flat with Elder YU and I went out with Elder Sillito. He was glad to get out of the flat and be able to work at least for a day. 

      But we did have a lot of travel this week. It’s a 45 minute train ride to Brighton and a hour and a half bus ride if we take the bus. We did both because the bus is way cheaper. We tries our best to talk to people as we traveled and it was actually really good. We had 3 or 4 really good conversations. 
      The district over all is doing so good. I’m really pleased with how it is all going. I feel like I have their trust and their support and when I give training or advice I can see it implemented. Especially with the Sisters in Brighton. They had an exchange with the Sister Trainer Leaders from Hasting which they learned alot and had fun with. Man though the sister in Hastings are like Robots over the phone. They had to call me and report on how the exchange went. It was super mechanical. 
    Went on exchange with Elder Shorzman who is the new Zl in Crawly. He was in my District in the MTC. It was good. He has matured alot since I last saw him. 
    Sorry for the short letter this week. 
             I love you guys. And keep up the emails!!!!!! 🙂 
                      Elder Oviatt