Hello Family,
    This past week has been good. I can’t believe it’s 2014!!! Crazy!!! So the past few weeks finding people has been a nightmare. Its been cold and raining and with the holidays nobody wants to stop and talk. (No matter how good looking they are:) ) I was talking to Elder Mackay and I said that I cant remember the last day were it didn’t rain. And its super true. I really cant. I think maybe early December. The weather has been horrible. I did end up buying another umbrella but that was only because in England they do all their sells after Christmas. Weird I know but they do. So I bought a umbrella for 10 £ that was normally I think 20. So good deal!!!
    Even with the bad weather and not being able to do much besides contacting and knocking and stopping buy members I have been feeling quite positive I guess. And I want to thank Debbie for what you wrote in the email to me today. Thanks. I’m glad that I can put off that VIb of happiness sometimes. 🙂 Any way I think it is because of the relationships I have at the moment. I feel like I’m surrounded by people that believe for the most part what I believe. The district all get what I believe and They want that same goal or vision. The Zone leaders especially Elder wainwright who I have known for most of my mission and has been my ZL for like 4 months now gets me and has a really good goal/vision I can get a hold of. I feel really good about this next transfer. I have 6 weeks left in Eastbourne I’m guessing. And I really hope that I can do some good while I’m here. 
    We need to find some new people and hopefully the weather will keep up. The ZL’s were supper strick on me yesterday while accounting. They really expect a lot from me and I hope I can take what they want and give it to the District in a good way. I have learn a lot from being on my mission and I kinda feel that every thing I have learned so far is getting pushed into this next 3 transfers. 
   One of the missionaries Elder Yu, in Brighton came down with the chicken pox. Poor guy. At least I can empathy now. 🙂 Thanks to last year. We are going to Brighton today to eat at nando’s. Im super excited!!! Love you guys and sorry if this is to short but I’m trying. LOL 
        Hope all is great back home
               Love Elder