I’m so excited to skype on Wednesday!!! We are going to be at a families (The Parsons) for most of the day but in the evening we will be going to a different family. The smiths. So it should be a really good day.
   This past week was also really good! We went to the temple on Thursday and had the chance to have a session. 
It was really good. I love the new presentation. 
We also had dinner and got to kinda just hang out which was really good. The travel there was horrible. We had to take a two hour train ride to get to the train station closest to the London temple. 
   This week just flew by. Me and Elder Mackay are doing good though. We we’re able to find quite a few new people so that was good.   We also travel do Brighton for Interviews with the mission president. They were also really good. I had to get a new Temple recommend. But this one doesn’t have the word missionary on it. I’m kinda sad about that. Haha.  
   Elder mackay is doing really well. He’s all done with being trained. I think there is a good chance that i’ll be moved this next transfer. I dont feel like I have all to much to say so I guess I’ll talk to you guys on Christmas.