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Man this past week has flown by. We had two exchanges with the Elders in Polegate on Wednesday. I also had to do three interviews for baptism this week. I haven’t done any and then this week I did 3. ” of them were baptized on Saturday and the last will be on Wednesday We also had a exchange with the zone leaders again. I stayed in Eastbourne while Elder Mackay went to Crawley with Elder Wainwright. It was a good exchange but we had to train all the way to Brighton in the evening for a interview and dinner. Then train back. 

   The interviews were really good. I was super nervous for them. But all three of them were pretty solid. It has changed how I teach my investigators. I studies the qualifications for baptism to prepare my self and I realized how important it is to have our investigators feel that repentance process before they are baptised. I think about how maybe I haven’t taught or invited my investigators to go through that process which is so important. They should be able to feel the atonement before the are baptised. One of my favorite parts of the interviews was that at the end I shared my testimony and invited them to do the same. For all three of them it was the first time they had done that and especially with one of them I could feel the spirit super strong when he declared what he believed and felt about the church. 
     We sung at a stake choir carol concert. All the missionaries sung I’ll go where you want me to go. Really powerful. Also we got a new Ward mission leader. The last one struggled….. But I love him alot. He’s a great guy. The new ward mission leader is amazing. He’s one of the most consecrated guys I have ever met!! He helps/ volunteer with fair lds super sweet!!! When ever I have a question on religious anything!!! I go to him. 
     Oh yeah!!! I was vegetarian for a week. One of the Elders in my District is Vegetarian and when I was on exchange with him we were talking and I said that if he was my companion I would go vegetarian while I was with him. Elder Preece said that he bet I couldn’t go a week. So we bet/dared each other to go a whole week. The only exceptions was at Dinner appointments. We only had two. It wasn’t that hard really. There was a couple times where I craved meat but not that bad. I did buy a giant thing of chicken from the deli at Sainsbury’s for lunch when it was over!!! 
    We have been doing alot of service this week. We painted three times. It’s a good thing I love painting. With the cold weather it is harder to talk to people but I did meet this really cool girl named Shannon who’s grandfather is a Jehovah’s Witness. She believes that there has to be a God but doesn’t think the Jehovah’s witness’s is the right church. Does believe in one true church though. We’re suppose to meet up with her later in the week. 
       We are going to the temple on Thursday for our day at the temple for Christmas. I’m excited. I realized that My temple recommend expires this month. Also next sunday is my 3 year mark as a member. I have been thinking about how far I have come in that three years. Members still laugh when I tell them that I have been a missionary longer then I have been a normal member of the church. I feel a lot better about being a district leader. It only took 3 moves but I feel like I can handle it. Still a lot I can learn and do better but over all things are good. I normally account with the zone leaders on Friday mornings as well as Sunday evening on how things in the district are going and how I’m doing. Last Friday the Zone leader were on exchange with the Ap’s and so They had me account with Elder Patten who is one of the ap’s. I called and he answered and I was super surprised. But we did a really good accounting. He said that I’m one of the strongest District leaders in the mission. The zone leaders keep praising me as well. I don’t like it!!!!! I feel like I have a hard enough time staying humble and having people say that your doing amazing and that your the most trust worthy district leader doesn’t help. By the way I’m not saying this to show off but just to let you guys know how I’m feeling. How do you balance knowing your doing a good job but still being humble and teachable???? 
   Well I hope this satisfies your guys knowledge for everything that is Elder Oviatt. 
      With Love
            Elder (I’m super humble) Oviatt

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