We had ZOne conference this week is was really good. Elder Tezeria from the area 70 was down. He gave us some really good advice and I felt like it really helped. Elder Tezeria talked ABOUT RAISING OUR VISION AND WHAT WE CAN ACCOMPLISH!  Said that we need to raise our vision.

   We also had stake conference this week. It was really good. I realized that it was the 2nd stake conference I have gone to this year. The Adult session was based on member missionary work. We had a YSA named Jordan and his girlfriend drive us there. It was really cool. It still has been a rough week but it getting better. Me and Elder Mackay are still working hard. Yea Having Dave drop us was really hard but it’s okay. 
   We bought a Christmas tree today!!!! It’s great. I’ll try and get a picture next week. We chipped in as a district and bought a good size tree. The Polegate missionaries are going to stay Christmas eve. I’m really excited. This Christmas should be alot better then last Christmas. 
    The zone leaders when I accounted Yesterday think I’m over stressed. hah Me over stressed…… 🙂 ha. Maybe I am I don’t know. I’m trying really hard to help out the polegate missionaries that are still struggling. I went on exchange with Elder P and He said that he has never talked to as many people as we talked to that day. I just wanted to find people for them to teach. I’m worried that if things don’t improve there that the area might be closed down. Which would be hard. I don’t want that area to fail. 
      How are things back home???? Have you guys set up your Christmas tree yet? Seku how are you adjusting? Are things back home weird? Do you miss your mission?
   I was thinking this week how cool it is to be a missionary during Christmas. To be able to testify of Jesus Christ during Christmas is super cool. I look forward to the coming weeks. The zone leaders ask me to study Faith and Hope this week. They said that hopefully that will help. If you guys want to I would love to hear what you have to say on those two things. 
     I love you guys
                 Elder Oviatt