Hey guys this week was okay. Another week of disappointment. Dave dropped us this week. 😦 His family got involved and not quite sure what happened. SO Both me and Elder Mackay are pretty upset about that. We did get a referral from a lady in our ward that has been talking to a Lady in a fish shop. She’s going through a separation at the moment and is a super nice lady. Nice person in England??? I know!!! One in a few. 🙂 Not really though. Everyone is still nice they just put up a wall of I don’t care. You have to get through that wall before people will actually talk to you. 

   Our Ward Christmas activity is the 7 of December. I’m having to learn how to play on the piano we three kings and o come o come Emanuel. That’s kinda fun. I’m really excited about Zone conference this week. It should be really good. But we have to be in Crawely at 9 in the morning and it’s roughly a 2 hour journey so we are going to have to wake up earlier then normal and catch a train at about 7.    We also have stake conference this week end. Which is suppose to be really good. Normally the missionaries don’t go to the adult session on Saturday night but this time all the missionaries are suppose to attend. Also Apparently all the missionaries in the zone will be singing in it as well. 
   I was thinking this week about what I could do to help the district. I Think I know what I’m suppose to do. I was thinking and that scripture about having a vision hit me. the one that goes something along the lines of “where their is no vision the people perish” So I thought about what my vision for the district is and what I would want us to improve on during the next 5 weeks. So I made a list of 3 or 4 things and I shared that with them last night during a conference call. I was thinking that what helps me to work harder is that I know what the Mission President and the Zone leaders are working for (or their Visions) so I made my reflect theirs and gave it to the District. I’m going to try and follow up and probably talk about those things in my district meetings later in the month. 
  So Kinda interesting is that move day falls on Christmas day. haha. No one knows what day it is going to get moved to. I hope it is after Christmas. Im guessing I’m going to move at the end of this 6 weeks and I really don’t want to move before Christmas again!!!! Last Christmas was really hard because of that. But I’ll be okay with whatever happens. I really love you guys. Thanks for all the support I get from you guys. I love the advice. Especially from Both Kylie and Seku. Considering they just got done doing what I’m doing. No offense to anyone else. 🙂 
  I hope we can find some good people this week. I’m getting really tired of rejection fast but hey I guess it’s for my own good. 
 Love you guys again.
            Elder (good looking) Oviatt 🙂