That’s cool to hear that Seku’s home. It feels weird actually. Really weird. His first week home and I didn’t even get a email!!!! haha I found the thing about savoring the food really funny. How is Seku different? what do you expect me to be. This past week has been good. I still feel like we are hitting a dead wall. It has been super hard to find people lately. I’m getting kinda frustrated. Moves were last week and for the most part not to much changed. One of the Zone leaders left, Elder Gardner, Which I’m sad about. I learned alot from him and he’s become a great friend. One of the sisters moved back to the visitor center at the Temple and a new sister is in Brighton. Also a Elder that is on his last move replaced Elder Stephan in Hove (Brighton). So the district isn’t super new any more.

Dave came to church and a ward activity we had. He’s a simple guy, so I had bishop kinda meet him just to make sure he’s accountable. haha. But he has a really good spirit and just has had a hard life. He struggles to read so we gave him the book of Mormon on CD. He’s been loving it!!! he’ll probably get baptized in Dec. 

Still trying to figure out what to share for district meeting this week. Have no clue at the moment. But I’ll study it out tonight and feel what is right. Thanks for the pictures and the emails. Love you guys. 
       Elder Oviatt