This past week was really good. I’m guessing though that it wont beat the excitement of Seku coming home. But Oh well. 
 I had two exchanges this week one with Elder Gardner and the other with Elder P.Both were awesome. I learned so much. Elder Gardner is a really good leader and I feel like I always learn so much from him when I get the chance to go on exchange. Elder P is a newer missionary. His trainer is struggling to train him. He doesn’t feel like he’s working as hard as he should be. We had a really good talk and it is cool to see the results. Even over just a few days they have really improved. 
  Sorry I don’t fell like I have alot to say. Me and Elder mackay are getting along. I got hit on by a couple of girls on the bus yesterday and he always starts laughing. It isn’t funny!!! I don’t know if I have told you before but I get hit on more on my mission then I have my Entire life!!!! Oh my days. I always feel super uncomfortable when it happens and Elder Mackay just laughs. 
  I was thinking this week about how hard this is. Not in a bad way. But in a I work all day to find people and most of the time I get 1 or 2 or if its weeks like this no one. It is really frustrating. I feel like I have to keep reevaluating myself to see where I can improve and make myself better. I understand why its hard and my need to do it but Idont know kinda just a moment of thought. that I had never thougth of before. I love serving in England though. It’s amazing. 
  Two of my favorite people in the District moved. So I have two new people to get to know. Im hoping this wont change the way the district works. Some missionaries work harder then others and the ones that just left we’re really hard workers and I felt like I could count on them. which is nice. It makes it easier when you trust your fellow missionaries that they are working hard and it help you to do the same. Well I hope you all enjoy Seku coming home and now since there is only one missionary it makes it all the easier to email me!!! :))) Oh yea by the way Debbi I never got any letters from anyone in your class. You should tell them to get on it!!! 
  Love you guys and I miss you all a ton!! 
             Elder Oviatt