Hey, Sorry about the no email last week. We had a P-day in Brighton and kinda ran out of time. Sorry. We are using our Lunch hour to email today. But I still got to be quick. Past week was good. can’t believe its November. October flew by. So fast. I was planning on sending you guys a happy Birthday package but to be honest I ran out of time. Sorry about that as well.  I had a interesting phone call this week. President Millar called and said I shouls start working on my Driver’s License. So yeah. Im gett my provisional in about 2 or 3 weeks. And then I need to take a theory test and start taking driving lessons. 

    We havn’t heard from Luigi in a few days which makes me kinda sad. Hopefully he’s just busy. Dave came to church all on his own though!! that was well cool!. Me and elder Mackay are doing good. Im having difficulty with culture differences. Scottish pride is really all I can say. 
  Moves are next week. Im guessing I wont be moving but you never know. I hope I dont move. Are you guys excited for seku? When kylie was coming home that was all you talked about in your letters but this time nothing? hahaha Love you guys again sorry for late email and I’ll talk to you next wednesday.