It has been super windy the past two day. There’s a giant storm apparently coming from the US and it has been hitting us the past few days. It broke my umbrella. I was very upset! haha. But all has been good besides that. Its been good. We found two really cool people this week. One his name is Dave early 20’s and cool guy. He’s kinda simple so we have to teach very simply but he came to church this week and loved it so all good there. 

    The other guy’s name is Luigi. He’s from Venezula and an awesome guy. He grew up catholic but never knew if God was there or not. When we first met him on the streets he was like sorry guys Im athiest but he said that he would be happy to meet up with us again. When met him again and taught him the First Lesson from PMG. What’s funny is that at our last Zonce conference we got challenged to go through all the lessons and pick out the doctrine in them. I had done this a day or two before we taught him. As I did this I saw all the Doctrine that I have been missing for my first 16 months of my mission. So I have been doing my best to teach it using what PMG says and not by my way. Well My first full lesson was with Luigi and It was amazing. Even though one of the first things we kinda teach is how God has a body and other things which I have skipped over most of my mission the spirit was super there. We went through the whole lesson and Elder Mackay did amazing even though he’s fairly new. I need to let him teach more in lessons. But at the end of the lesson he accepted a baptismal date for the 23 of Nov. I really hope all goes well with him. Who knows he could be my replacement.! 🙂 He’s also in his early 20’s. I Had two exchanges I had to go on this week. One was with the Elders in Polegate. I’m not sure how to help them. They are struggling to find people to teach. I’ll have to pray about it. 
     I also went with the zone leaders again. I went to Crawley this time with Elder Wainwright. He’s from South Africa. He’s crazy!!! haha But in a good way. He’s a really good missionary. He kept making jokes that I was going to be his new companion. It was wierd being in a car all day. I learned alot on that exchange. Elder Mackay stayed in Eastbourne with the other Zone leader and they had a good day as well. 

    I love you guys and hope all is well. 
            Love Elder Oviatt