Hello family,
     Man I’m super tired. But still going to play football later today with the other set of missionaries and some of the YSA. The Polegate Elder’s Left there keys in there flat so they had to spend the night at our place on a couch and a chair. But they were able to pick up their spare keys from the letting agency this morning.
    Part of the reason I’m so tired was Sunday. I had to give a talk on the second coming which us as missionaries don’t teach so I felt very out side of my comfort zone. So I talked about it for about 30 seconds and changed it to missionary work!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! I thought it went pretty good. I used alot that we got from Zone conference which we had on Thursday. Which was really good as well. The lady that went before me was really short though and I didn’t want to leave the person after me with like 20 minutes. So I talked for like 15-20. I was surprised. The bishop congratulated me on my talk during opening exercises for Priesthood and said we should all think about what was said during the meeting. I was pretty chuffed with myself. But not to much. I know that the spirit gave me everything I should say.
    I also was the one assigned for the week to teach the Gospel Principle class. I didn’t have time to really prepare a lesson so I did the one that was Jesus’s church in the modern day or something like that. Mostly about the Restoration and I teach that nearly everyday. We as a class read through Joseph Smiths History till the First vision. I felt like it went okay.
  Hopefully next Sunday will be alot less stressful. I also had to account that night and our DA was running over because the other Elders was late. Had to run home and do 25 minutes of accounting which normally takes me 45 and then still had to account with the zone leader for another half hour. Have I mention I hate responsibility. Even though I might be getting better at it.
   I feel like I have talked my self up to much in this letter. We met this really cool guy name moses, who’s met with missionaries before in Uganda. he cool
  Brighton is having a baptism this week. So I’m going to have to go there on Thursday to do the interview. I’m quite nervous. I don’t know what I should do. So yeah… Really nervous about that now that I think about it. but I’ll just put that to the back of my brain and worry about that later. (I’m really good at that) 🙂
 I’m also going on exchange with the pole gate Elders on Tuesday and then the ZL’s on Wednesday. Not sure when I’m going to have time to prepare District meeting.
 Well I’m about to be kicked off the computer because of time. So I love you guys and hope to ear from you soon!!! 
   Love Elder Oviatt
   EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!