This week was good. I had to do what felt like a lot of exchanges. I have to exchange with every Elder in the district during the transfer. Also the Zone leaders exchange with me and my companion 2 during the transfer. SO this week I had an Exchange on Tuesday with a Zone leader Named Elder Gardner (From the Midlands). It was really good. I learned a lot. Any it was a really busy day. We stayed in Eastbourne while Elder Bendall and Elder Wainwright went to Crawly. I also had to prepare for District meeting still. Ehhh… (Have I mentioned I hate responsibility) I keep telling President this and I feel like he’s not listening. ha ha. 

    So then after District meeting I went on exchange with Elder Stephan in Brighton while again Elder Bendall and Elder Jackman went to Eastbourne. One of the sister’s in the District in from Finland but is part Thai I believe. And she made the whole district lunch!!! OH my days!! So good!!. I have no idea what it was but yummy. The exchange was good though. Brighton reminds me a lot of London. It is just really busy with tons of people and bus’s every where! So we taught a lot of people on the street. Also it has not one but 2 Universities. SO lots of people our age. Unlike eastbourn which is more like a retirement community. (God’s waiting room is it’s nickname) 
   We had a cool experience in Brighton when we were sharing the Book of Mormon with this Uni student and I started to share the first vision and you could totally see him feeling the Spirit. I believe The Elders there are teaching him this week or so. 
    Im really starting to love this ward as well. The bishop is really cool and is trying his best to give us support. Oh yea We were told to find a new flat for a second set of missionaries in Eastbourne. So we found 1 that we really liked and gave it to the office but the Letting (renting) Agency wouldn’t rent to the church because the said the church wasn’t financially stable enough!!!!!!!!! LOL ummmm Financially stable enough???? Someone didn’t do their research. 
      So we had to go to another agency and found a better flat any ways. WIN! Elder Bendall is still struggling with his health. So I have no clue whats going to happen to me next transfers. Could stay with a new companion could leave and go somewhere else Don’t know. I kinda hope I stay here till Christmas but that’s two moves away. A lot but not at the same time. We took Kieth who is getting baptised on the 5th of October to the temple for a Fireside. Was really good. Their is a sister in the office that is from Palestine, convert to the Church, was Relief society president over the Jerusalem District, PHD in statistics and worked for the UN. OH my goodness. SO cool. Yet a super humble lady. She talked about faith and I thought it was very good. 
       We are going to go to the Seven Sister’s (Beachy Head) with the District today so that should be fun. I think that’s all for now. I miss you guys and hope all is well back home. Don’t forget me!!!!
         Elder (How could you possibly forget me?) Oviatt