So this past week was exciting.My new companion is Elder Bendall. He’s from Scotland but has an English accent!!!!! Yea English accent Finally!!!! But probably not. ha He’s really gifted with music. He completed a music degree before he came out on his mission. He has been a member for 3 years and is about a year out on his mission. Only member in his family. 
            We have been getting along well. He’s really funny. But so far we have had a good week together. We played basketball with a L/A member earlier today and then he had an American Football that we threw around for a bit. My arm is killing me. Haha. 
      I had my first District meeting this week. I thought that the parts where I wasn’t talking were great!!! The rest was okay. I have another one this week that Im still preparing for. It’s weird having to almost completely focus on others. Ether our Investigators or the other Missionaries in my District. I was accounting on Sunday with the Zone leaders and It still feels weird accounting not only for my self but also for others. Have I mention I hate responsibility!!!! hahaha. People keep telling me it’s good for me but IDK. 🙂
        It didn’t help that we went flat hunting. haha Never thought I would do that on my mission. Our Zone leaders wanted us to find a flat for two more missionaries to split our area. So on Thursday and Sunday we spent part of our time going to Realtors. We viewed a flat on Saturday and have givin all the info to the office and so now its up to them.    Ahhhh, Also our washing machine stopped working so I’m not sure what to do about our dirty clothes. The office says that there trying to get a new machine for us by the end of the week. But who knows.
        We taught some rally cool people this week. My last teach with Elder Caruso was a lady named Christine. She has been taught for about 5 months now and says that she just isn’t receiving her answers. We had a teach just on the Atonement and it was sooooo good. We only taught about that. SHe was giving alot of in put and the spirit was super strong. I asked her if she could feel the sprit right then. She said no but as we talked she mentioned that a another member had said that she felt the spirit she some times felt goosebumps. She told us that she thought it was weird because she had goose bumps right then and it wasn’t even cold. Both me and Elder Caruso were like THAT’S THE SPIRIT!!!! haha. SO we are hoping now that she has recognized one answer she will recognize more. She is planning on being baptised on the 28th of September.
      We are also teaching a man named Kieth. He is trying to give up smoking. He was taught by the sisters like over a year ago but just barley gave up smoking. He really wants to get sealed to his wife in the temple. He’s a funny guy from Lancashire. 
     Wow this got really long. haha. Well got to go. Lots to do! love you guys!!!
            Elder (Amazing) Oviatt 🙂