Dear Family,

         We got some crazy news last night. There is a Missionary that is not doing so well in London so Elder Caruso is going to be a digital (nerd) Missionary in Crawley and the other missionary is going to come here. So elder Caruso will be leaving. 😦 sad day. 
       We had a zone training this week. The Zone leaders showed us a really good video. It is called missionary work and the atonement. It was really good. It is a clip from Elder Eyering and Elder Holland from a mission president conference. 
        haha I was kinda hoping that you wouldn’t get the letter from the mission president but yea, I am now District leader over the Eastbourne/Brighton District. It is really nerve racking. Im nervous for my first district meeting this Wednesday. Plus I’ll have a new companion!!! But All is well. 
       We also had exchanges with the zone leaders on Wednesday. It went really funny. I was with Elder Wainwright, he from south Africa. Man he is crazy but in a good way. We had a really good day. I dont understand why the craziest things happen on exchanges. We gave Steven a new baptismal date. But then he didn’t come to church yesterday 😦 
    I guess the one thing that I have really noticed about being a DL is that I don’t worry about myself hardly at all. I am always wondering what I can do to help the District and it is so weird to account and be the one receiving the accounting. Also I have sister in my district and they talk alot more then the Elders do! haha. But it is interesting. President told me the quote I put in the subject line when he interviewed me on Tuesday. Im sad Elder Caruso is leaving but Im excited for my new companion as well. I just don’t know when we are catching a train. ha 
  I miss you guys and love you  Elder Oviatt