Hello Family, 

  This past week was good. Me and Elder Caruso have been doing good. We had some really cool lessons. Most of it was teaching on the street. Elder Caruso has had troubles teaching from Preach my gospel so one day I had kinda just had it so I was Like Okay!! That’s it!! We are going to go teach on the street until we can teach as a companionship effectively so that the spirit can be there! So before we left the flat I prayed and in the prayer I told God about the struggles that we had been having and that we wanted to be able to teach as a companionship so we needed to practice. But I said that in order to Practice we need people to teach. For the next 2 hours or so we taught 5 lessons and had a lot more mini lessons. But by the end of it we we’re finally teaching as a companionship and the spirit was there. It was just a cool answer to prayer.
       Last P-day I downloaded nearly every talk by Elder Holland, So we have been having a Holland week. It has actually been really good. I love it when he gets mad. Its so good. I think my favorite is his talk from the MTC (feed my sheep) or another one called For times of Trouble. I really like the For times of Trouble because he talks alot about England in it.  
        We went to the Temple today because it’s a Bank holiday and our P-day. It was really good. The temple here is shutting down for 2 months or so and will re open in December. A member gave us a ride up there. There was a YSA conference going on at the temple so I was able to see a few of the YSA from my past area’s. That was good! But because we went I don’t have alot of time to email today. Sorry., I love you guys so much and hope the best for you all. I have had a lot of new experiences this week that I haven’t had so far on my mission. Elder Caruso was struggling with some things and it was cool to think back on my experiences so far and be able to know what I need to say or read that could help him. 
          Love Elder Oviatt