hey family so this past week was good. We had a good week of finding lots of finding!!! haha But it was good. Sorry about the short letterslatley. Me and Elder Caruso are doing well though. We have been getting along and everything. We started teaching this really cool YSA age guy named Steven. He is really promising. We had a really spiritual lesson with him where we invited him to be baptised. He excepted but isn’t sure yet because his mom wants him to get baptised in the 7th day Adventist church but he wants to do it for him and because he feels it’s right not because his mom or anyone else wants him to. We have still been teaching may, she has a 6 month of baby. She is doing sooo good. She stop smoking and is almost ready for her baptism on the 17 of August. Im really excited about her. She is changing a lot. Her parents are kinda giving her a hard time but she is still doing well. So I had a moment of thought were I realized that I have only 9 months left on my mission. Oh yeah I got your package by the way!! Thank you sooo Much!!!! I did get it like a month ago but I just kept forgetting to tell you. Thanks!!!!! 🙂 But yeah. I dont know Im trying to think what is it that I can do to truly give my everything till the end of my mission. Any helpful hints or suggestions would be nice. Eastbourne is a cool city I guess. it is right on the beach and there are tons of tourist right now which make it hard but yeah….. Man Im so tired. I didn’t sleep well last night. 

    We are having a another zone conference next week. Elder Evens from the 70’s is coming to come. I believe he is the 70 over missionary work. Apparently eastbourne is the “sunniest place in England” says my companion. who knew. I enjoyed seku’s photo. Made me laugh he still looks the same to me. We did have a good week though. Sorry I really dont know what to write about anymore. Oh yeah so yesterday one of our member’s on the drive home from work stopped us by his 3 acre farm and we got to see all his animals including his 400 Pound pig!!! It was huge. 
   Love elder Oviatt