Hey so this past week was really amazing. I learned so much this week. We had a zone conference last week, with Elder Evens from the 70. He’s over missionary work. He was also at the Mtc in Preston when I was there But I’m pretty sure that I was calling home while he gave most of his talk. But this one was really good. He talked alot about Obedience and then the book of Mormon. It was really interesting I felt like it was really meant for me. So many things that he talked about I need to work better at. I love zone conferences like that though. He talked about how Jeffrey R Holland gave a sermon I guess you could call it, on the Doctrine of Christ and then the next day Elder Eyring said that Elder Holland had made him think about the doctrine of Christ in ways he had never thought about them before. (oh my goodness I want to be there so bad!) But The zone conference was good. And it is just in time to get things going for this transfer. 

     May was baptised on Wednesday. It was a really good moment to see her get baptised by elder Caruso in the Sea. (English people get mad if you call the ocean :S ) SHe was confirmed on Sunday and it was just such a nice spirit. 
     There was a air show that was going on this week from Thursday to Sunday. It was kinda cool for the first couple of days but I got tired of talking to someone on the street and then all of a sudden a jet or helicopter or whatever flies over head and you cant hear a thing. There was soooo many people though. The town was full. Me and elder Caruso gave out a ton of cards and flyers and did meet some really cool people. So I guess over all it was a good thing. 
       I feel like I have had a lot of really spiritual moments this week. Mays baptism and seeing how much she has grown and changed and just loves the Gospel. Elder evens talking what I felt like was only for me. But I think the one thing of the week that I loved was when me and Elder Caruso taught a lady on the door step about Moroni 8 and how her daughter he died at 3 of cancer is in heaven with our heavenly father. We had earlier in the week listen to one of Elder Holland Devotionals where he tells a story about that and then it happens to us. It was really strange and a miracle. I thought alot about my mission so far and how thankful I am for it. Im grateful for the gospel and knowing what I know. I feel like my love for you guys has grown so much since I have been out here. 
 I miss you all so much and love feeling your prayers.
                      Elder Oviatt