Hello family!!!
    So this past week was good. Me and Elder Caruso are really getting along now. It took us a while to get use to one another but I think we are good now. I’m super excited. Mays baptism is this Wednesday. She is so ready. The interview is tonight. What’s also cool though is that we don’t have a baptismal fount in this chapel so they normally do the baptism at Hastings or Briton. (Just a little knowledge for yea, Briton is the gay capital of England and they had their PRIDE week last weekend. I felt so bad for the missionaries there.haha  But may asked if she could do it in the sea, so we are!!! Elder Caruso is going to do it since he hasn’t done a baptism yet. But it is really cool!!! I’m so excited!!! haha We also have that zone conference tomorrow with Elder Evens! Their is also a air show this weekend runnig from thurday to Sunday. We had a lot of tender Mercies from the Lord this week.  The ward I’m in right now is really small though. About 30-50 every week. But some really cool things are happening. We had a birthday party at the church on Saturday and we we’re able to talk to a lot of friends of members so that was good. Also a lady from Ukraine walked up during the party and asked when we had church because she misses her church back home. She came and really enjoyed it. She said that we would see her again next week. Then a investigator that missionaries have been working with for a long time came up to us and said that he wanted to be baptised on the 5 of October. He just besides that it is time.  Our investigator that normally cant come on Sunday because of family was able to make it and really enjoyed it. I don’t know what me and elder Caruso are doing but it must be something. But it’s not us. We do all we can and Heavenly father is doing the rest. It is so cool to see the spirit work with people. How it makes them happier and more ready to listen. So yeah Im good. I love hearing from you guys. If you have a minute please send a email!!! haha (I’ve given up with letters!)
   I miss you guys and hope all is well.
            With love
      Elder Oviatt