Heya, Yeah this week was really good actually!!! We started teaching 3 new people that all seem well good!! Im super excited for this transfer. Me and Elder Caruso are getting along well. He is teaching me some Italian!! haha. He’s a funny guy. We had a zone conference on Tuesday that was really good. The stake President From wandsworth talked to us. It was really good. Got me all hipped up for the coming week. President Millar taught us about the Nature of God and Jesus Christ. Really interesting. Oh yeah I met kaleigh’s twin. She is serving in Hastings. (sister Missionary) We caught the same train to get to crawley. It was weird. She’s from Farmington. 

   It was a Good week though. We taught a lady name Denise that we are hoping will com to church next week. Im good. Glad to hear your all well. 
              Love elder Oviatt