Top of the morning to you family!,
      This past week was good. I think, It just might be that Im in a really good mood today. Idk. We haven’t had anyone come to church in a while and I really prayed that would would at least have 2 this week. We ended up having three. It was really cool. Granted they did go to the 1 o clock Church with guild ford but they still came!!! yeah! 2 of them are this really cool married couple. They are both from Kenya and said that they enjoyed church.
       We moved into a new flat today. We are still cleaning the old one so that the sisters can move in there next wednesday. I’ll be super sad if I did all this effort to move into the new flat and then I get transferred next Wednesday. OH well I guess. It was weird when I had my 14th month mark. Only ten left. It goes by so fast. I feel like this Transfer w/ Elder Blackner has flown by. I cant wait to see what he does next transfer.
      I hate transfers. You never know what is going to happen! It is a game of lets see where your going to live for the next 3 months. To many things can happen. Am I going there? am I going here? Am I training? to many!
      I was way gutted last Monday though because on of the  the less active families that we are working with cancelled on us!!! I was sooo looking forward to it!
    This is what happens when I have nothing to say I just throw a whole bunch of ideas onto the computer and it kinda turns into a story of my week. But for the moment I cant think of anything else. So for this week,
      Ta Te Bye!
          Love Elder Oviatt