Yeah this week was good. Doesnt sound as busy as yours does!!! You better not have become an old man when I get home!! haha Love you!!!
   Yeah but this week was good. We are seeing our lessons rise and we are starting to teach people more on the street and at the door. I havn’t seen the broadcast yet but I really want to. We just need to find time to. :/
   I do really like exchanges. They are trying but good. Yoso was in well so we didn’t get to see her much. :/ I have been doing alot better at my journal writing though. I think I did every day this week so far. Yeah!! Progress. 🙂 I would say that yes beffinatly the vehicals over her are smaller. They might look the same size but it could be that the roads are smaller to so on the telly you cant tell much of a difference.
 K that story is super Brillant! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sending it to me. I forgot how much little kids love dad!! haha Its fine I enjoyed the long letter. 🙂
      Love you bye!!

Good morning family!,
     Im doing well. Me and Elder Blackner had a good week I think. Our lessons are going up and we are starting to teach more people. Im not going to lie I feel like the harder I work though the harder it gets. I was thinking this week that I dont think I have ever tried to put this much effort into anything I have ever done before. I mean I have worked hard in some things. But eventually I kinda relaxed and got lazy at whatever it was that I was doing. But as I go through my mission I feel Like Im constantly looking for how I can improve and it is Exhausting!!!!!!!!!! But good. What weird is that I also don’t feel like I see alot out of what Im doing. Maybe its my bad for not seeing the blessings. But at the same time I’ve come to relize that On my mission it is probably the one time that I can work my hardest and strive to do my best and if I don’t succeed it doesn’t matter. Im not saying that my goal is not to baptize not to teach and such because they are not. But at the end of the day I feel like I have to look at me. Look at how Im doing. If I feel good about how I did not by how others necessarily  reacted to what i did I can still be happy at the end of the day. Im not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing????
   It is really good to see me and Elder blackner starting to do  better then we have. We taught this agnostic? Atheist guy yesterday. Man I feel like I’m still tired from that teach. I was super nackard after it. He told us though that he would read and he would pray and told us to stop by next Sunday. I have never had someone like him ever receive a answer before and I really really want him too. Our Mission President came to our ward yesterday for Church. Ahhh!!! haha just makes church a little bit more stressful!!! But it was good. I think its funny how I have been on my mission for about 14 months and in Aldershot for 7 of that. I do love it here the ward is great! Well hope all is well back home.
        Write Me!!!!!!!!!! Love
            Elder Oviatt