This past week was really good! We had an exchange with the Staines Zone Leaders, Elder Hones and Elder Jones One from Mexico and the other from Switzerland I think. They are both really good guys. It was a good exchange. Me and Mexican Jones had the oppurtunity to teach a lot of people which was so cool. We also started to teach this really cool girl named yosu. She is from Nepal and is christian but just didn’t understand why there are so many christian churches that teach so differently. Brilliant! Elder blackner did a great job teaching her and then we asked her is she wanted to get baptized in July. She is really excited. I’m still kinda pumped from last week and now this week. Elder Ballard talked a lot about setting goals and so that’s what I have been focusing on. It has been helping alot. I had some really long talks with Elder Jones about how you change on your mission. He gave me some food for thought I guess. Just about how our personalities stay the same because that is who we are but that I guess you could say our habits change, and You just develope other habits like being patient and love other people more and scripture study and stuff such as that. I have been really enjoying training Elder Blackner, He is such a funny guy. I sometimes forget of hick he is. People ether love or hate his accent and the ward just try and copy him and they all end up sounding like forest Gump. We had a lot of spiritual teaches this week. I probably need to write them down…. I so horrible at journal writing. I don’t know what to do to fix that. Oh well.
   England makes me laugh alot. the culture and some of the people are just so diverse. you can go from some one that is super proper and posh to a chav who has some massive anger problems and is yelling at his kids or wife as they walk down the street. I have never met such a wide spread arrangement of people. I love it! On the high street a few days ago there was a massive 350 Ford Truck. It was Huge! I forgot how big cars and trucks are in America. Let see anything else happen this week? Had a Christian born again Jamaican guy sing to me and my companion. That was funny. But on the up and up I’m good. Elder Blackner taught me how to talk in piglatin. Most English people have never heard of it so its really funny.
     Yep that’s all. I love you guys sooooooo much. Hope all is well with you guys.
            ovelay uoya,
              Derlay Oviatt