Hello family,
   This past week was good. I’m sick again!!! I feel like I have been sick more in the past 4 months than I have the rest of my mission. My throat hurts when ever I swallow. But it is getting better. Our mission got 33 new missionaries last week. I believe there are about 44 more coming in next transfer as well. I think it is funny how long I have been in Aldershot. I realized yesterday that this is my 10th of 18 planners and that so far 5 of my planners have been in Aldershot. Half!!! haha. But it is also kinda interesting because for the most part it is probable that I will be leaving in 6 weeks. So i can say good bye before I leave.
   Since today is the start of a new transfer me and Elder Blackner set some new goals for the next 6 weeks. the main one is that we both really want to have a baptism this transfer. I want to have one with my boy.ha You have to have a baptism when you train. its a unwritten rule. haha. So we have been praying and asking the members to help us. So now we just need to go to work!!!
  I set up some goals for myself as well. I want to memorize the 50 scripture mysteries from the new testament and the Book of Mormon. There is about 46 days this transfer and I have probably about 10 or so memorized already so as long as I do one every day I think I can do it. President Shamo told me once to memorize scriptures and President Millar has told me twice now. So it must be a good idea.
  I am going to be sad if I move though because I wont have a piano to play on any more. 😦 It is weird because I don’t feel like I play it that much but maybe once or twice a week for maybe 20 minutes. Oh well it has been fun while it lasted.
   We knocked into a mother and daughter who were really cool. The daughter who is about 20 or so said she was going to come to church with us but then we called her Sunday morning and no answer. She texted us later and said that she was super sorry and that she had slept in. UGGG!!!!  It has been a while since we have had some one at church. So Frustrating!!! We had like 3 people say they would come but nothing! But we’ll get some one this week. I’m looking forward to the next 6 weeks. Good things are on there way.
    Funny quote from Elder Maxwell quoting President Eyerings dad “God had a perfect church until he decided to let us into it.”
 Sorry I was listening to one of his talks while I typed. Have you guys listened to Elder Maxwell’s talks? There are really good!! Some of my favorite talks are from him.
Well I think that is all. I love you guys sooooooooooooooooo much. <B Hope you all have a good week.
            Elder Oviatt