Heya family!!!
   So I didn’t get moved. Another 6 weeks in Aldershot. This past week was good though. Me and Elder Blackner are really setting into a grove I guess you could say.Our area is going to get split next transfers and there are bringing in sisters. I’ll probably be moving at that point though considering I have been here for 6 months now. it has gone by so fast!.
 We do volunteer work for the British Heart foundation once a week and we are going to start teaching one of the daughters of a ladies that works there. I’m looking forward to that. We also are kinda teaching a Romanian guy who also volunteers there. he’s really cool. I really still don’t know what to put in these emails. It rained all yesterday. ALL DAY. We both got soaked. I bought new shoes. I’m still having to break them in though. Last night we had a Dinner appointment with a a family and she made us enchiladas. First time I’ve had them on my mission! Granted they were English but it was the closest I have gotten to in a long time.
   I still cant believe I’m past my year mark. It really does go fast. I Still got a while to go though! 🙂 Its funny talking to Elder Blackner about the small stuff that have come out since I’ve been on my mission and just never heard of. For example we were sitting at a train station and I kept seeing this girl taking a picture of her self and then writing a small message. I pointed it out to Eldwer Blackner and he was was just like oh yeah she’s probably doing snap chat. What the heck is snap chat??? So then he explained. It made me laugh. Still don’t know what to put in these.
 So yeah that’s been our week. Hope all is well with you guys. Love you BYE!!!