Hiya, So this week was good. We went on exchange twice. Once with the zone leaders, I went with elder Jones from Switzerland to Stains to work in their area. Then the other time Elder Merril came here. Exchanges are good. You always learn alot. We also had stake conference here but it was more of like a country conference. It was a broadcast from salt lake and 2 of the speakers were from the quorum of the 12. Richard G Scott spoke and so did President Eyering. President Eyerings was well good. He talked about agency. It was really good. He said how
1. Every person on this earth is a child of our Heavenly Father,  2. Every child of God would rather be happy, and
3. There is always a chance to choose the right.
  He expounded upon those but that was what I wrote down in my study journal.
It was really good to be able to Skye home and see you guys. Me and elder Blackner are getting along really well. He is a really cool guy. I think I already said how he’s from Beaver Utah. back home he hunted bears and mountain lions with hound dogs. We’ve been together for 4 weeks now and I’m still hearing a new story every DA we go to. He was less active growing up. Not in a bad way more of just never came to church. But then he decided he wanted to go and turned in his papers and less then 10 Sundays later was in the MTC. Crazy! He’s getting his patriarticle blessing on Wednesday. So we have to travel to Addleston. (Not quite sure how we are going to pay for it ) but we’ll find a way. We have been finding some really cool people and the work is beginning to pick up. We just need to get the members involved more. NUMBERS! haha But it was fun on Sunday because they had to combine the two wards for conference so there was alot of people and they had a munch and mingle after words. We mostly just talked to the other missionaries and the YSA. 
   I don’t know if I’ve ever said but we volunteer at BHF every Thursday or so and a lady name Jenny works there. She use to be a member and is amazing. She is from Scotland. She makes us say a prayer before we start volunterring. she is one of the most just true people Ive ever met. She’s awesome (to use a American phrase) 🙂 
Well I think that is all. I hope I gave enough to satisfy your wanting me to write more. Oh yeah we might be getting a new flat but staying in the same area. 

   Love Elder Oviatt