So this week was good. A lot of our appointments fell through. We have a ton of people to teach we just havn’t been able to teach them this week. It was kinda discouraging. But life goes on.
We really do have a ton of people that we are working with but most of them are really busy at the moment. Samantha is doing so good. She went to the Temple with the Priamry and loved it. She bought her own scriptures and is going to a YSA convention in bristol next week or the week after. Elder Blackner (everyone keeps pronouncing is Blackna, really funny) is a good guy he makes me feel really Short though. He is 6.4. He had this weird think on his leg so President Millar came and checked it last Saturday. says it is nothing to worry about unless it startes to hurt him while he walks.
     So there is this Restaurant in England called Nando’s. It is from peru and they do this peri peri Chicken! really good. WE might eat there today actualy for my year mark celebration!! ha. We dont eat there very often because it is kinda posh. But it is good.
   I like staying in Aldershot for so long. I feel Like I really get to know the ward and such. Hopefully we can start teaching all those people. Im good though. It isn’t suppose to rain for the next 4 days!!!!! IT’s a miracle! haha. I miss you all sooooooooooooooooo Much. Love Elder Oviatt