So turns out that tranfers aren’t this week. They we’re last week. Our District Leader, the all knowing former AP, Didn’t tell us it was a 5 week move. But so Tanfers were last wednesday. My companion Elder Merrill Moved to Guildford. They share the same chapel as us. That area is the ward just next to us. Really funny. My new Companion is Elder Blackner. He is from Beaver Utah. And he has been in the field for a total of 5 days now. So Im training him. Yeah! It is really fun being a trainer and really hard work. I forgot how much you dont know when you first start. But we have been having Greeny Miracles since Wednesday. We pick up four new people to teach and stopped by a Less active family that Iv’e been really nervous about visiting and got to share a thought.

    We also have been getting alot of people trying to get into arguments with us lately. Like walking home from Church so guy as we we’re walking past just started saying”have you been born again?” Yes and then he just went off and started going on about the galatian scripture talking about false prophets and all this other gazz but in the end he couldn’t respond to the question and replies we gave him so he just stormed off all in a fuss. We also had a Really long talk with a gay guy that we knocked into. It was actually really good. He was Buddist and hated Christianity because that what his parents were and had heard his whole lofe that God doesn’t love him and all this other stuff. So here we are me and my greenie telling him how God still Loves him and that mostly the Book of Mormon is proof of that. It was good. He said he would check our and let us know what he thinks.
  So it’s been really fun teaching him all the words not to say and what to replace them with. Eating like a English person and making sure you put water in with your Squash drink. And all the other little things that come along with English Culture. 🙂
  He’s a really good guy though. We are getting along really well so far.
   Debbie!! So You sent a last week or so talking about how sister (Insert correct name here) Was talking about the atonment and how it has two parts, Reddeming and then the Enabling. K So amazing talk by David A Bednar that talks all about that. Called “In The Strength of The Lord”. You can find it on Byu I think. Anyway Really good. I was going to try and explain it to you but he puts it so well. Talks all about how reddeming power helps to over come Sin (Natural Man) and the Enabling Power helps to strenthen us thru trial and make us more of a saint. (And Becometh a Saint Through Christ our Lord) Mosiah 3:19 Awesome Talk One of my favorites.
   So my year mark is this Friday I think.(I think I just heard Serena Shout with Joy) Can’t believe how fast it has gone. It is kinda scary actually. I’m almost, IDK, a little disappointed. I thought I would be a lot father along then I am (Spiritually). But Elder Abrechtsen (I finally learn how to spell his name and now he’s home from his mission) said that at the year mark is where it really get fun. You know what your doing. You know how to do it and know you can just focus on twecking the little things.  
   So Im looking forward to year 2. It’s all down hill from here.
Love you guys. I miss you!!!
    Englishly Elder Oviatt