So this week was really good. We got in back in contact w/ michelle. It had been about 2 weeks since we had talked to her. Both me and Elder merrill are both really excited and focused again. So the Church’s advert domination started this week in London. It is crazy how much adverts there are around the country but manly in London. We had a presentationfor it yesterday during church. So testimonies and thenthe presentaion that the area 70 wanted all bishops to show. it was really good. They had me and Elder Merrill do a Role play on if some one asked a friend about the book of Mormon. Then we walked around and helped people as they did it to the person sitting next to them. 
    The adverts for our church are every where. They put them on 250 buses that are going around london and then in 3 tube stations they have bought every single bit of advert space in them. Like in piccidilly circus the only adverts you would see are
    Elder Merrill and I have all ready been getting asked about it. Samantha is doing great. She’s so awesome. She really loves the church.
    Tranfser are next week so I wont be emailing on monday but wednesday instead. Im might get the chance to send a short one on monday. We know for almost a surety that ether Elder Merrill or myself is going to get moved we just dont know who are where. Most likely it will be me do to the fact that I have been here longer. 😦 Ether way I’ll be okay. If I stay YES! If I go I’ll get to start fresh somewhere else. Im sad though becuase if I move I probably wont get to see Michelle get baptized.
     Who knows maybe I could get moved back to London!!! Or Devon!! That would be pretty cool as well.
      Be happy family!!! I love you all! 🙂
Elder Oviatt
Here Come the Mormons. Charing Crossmain Advertising

Here Come the Mormons. Charing Crossmain Advertising