So this week was good. Man I love conference. I started doing something that helps me stay focus. During the talk I try and guess what the name of the talk is going to be. I’ll have to see how well I did. I dont understand how sitting all day can wear me out so much. But it was all really good. We are watching the sunday afternoon session right now actually. Because of the time difference watching conference is a lot different. We watch saturday mornings at 5 at night then priesthood the next day at 10 am then run home from the stake centre and watch the saturday afternoon at 1 then sunday mornings session at 5pm. I dk why but it feels like a lot more. But it is all good. My favorite talks probably were.
Elder Craig A. Cardon
Elder David A. Bednar and Hollands that we just bearly watched.
 I also really liked one of the talks that talked about missionary work and talked about how it was a family affair. I forgot my study journal so Im not sure who said it. It made me think. And I decided that I was going to ask for your guys help. So will you guys when you email me just help me out a little bit. Tell me what you learned that week, Spiritually. Was there any good talks you read? maybe you could send me the link. Also quotes. I decided I really like quotes. I have been filling my Preach my Gospel up w/ them. Mom, Sister your free to help me too! haha So I dont fill like I articulated that paragraph well but I can’t be bothered right now to fix it.
   But conference was good. And I figured something out during it. I dont know what it is about Richard G Scott, but whenever he talks I fall asleep so fast!!! I think it is because he talks so peacfully. This week was slow. Both me and Elder Merrill are glad that it is finally getting warm. its soooo nice. The work has slowed down this week but Im going to do better. I love you guys and hope all is well. love
Elder Oviatt