Sorry for the late email, We wen to the temple today. It was really needed. It was a Bank Holiday for England today and on Bank holidays the Temple will be open even on weekdays. And since it was P-day we could go. A couple of YSA were talking about going so we asked if we could tag along. We got permission from our District leader and away we went!! it was really good. We just barely got back.

This week was good though. Samantha got Baptized!!!!! 🙂 It was well cool. Elder Merrill baptized her. She had to get baptized three times but  hey third time is the charm. She invited like 8 of her friends that all showed up to support her. She got confirmed on Sunday and she is just so happy! and excited.

  Michelle wanted to wait a couple of weeks. She really wants to but she felt stressed for this week but she invited us around for lasagna on Tuesday! I think I’ve only ever had lasagna once on my mission so far. Just not a very common thing eaten here.

   I’m really excited for General Conference! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for General conference before. Just so much excitement. haha. new temples> New missions? Missionary numbers?

  Trying to think what else happened. Elder Merrills Birthday was on Friday. Easter. Baptism. Temple. Yeah that’s about it. Oh yeah and its sunny TODAY!!!!!!!!! what a miracle. It had been a while since I’ve seen that flaming ball of gas in the sky. Felt good to see that again. Oh yeah daylight savings was horrible! So tired! No one has tried to beat us up lately so that’s a good sign. yep so I think that was about it for this week. Over all good week and a good start to the next one. Really looking forward to this week. Miracle time! Love you guys.

Thanks for all the love,

Elder Oviatt