Good Morning family,
   This week felt slow. The weather is still horrible and cold. I want sunshine!! So we moved Michelle’s baptism back a week. it will now be on the 30th of march with Samantha’s. They are both really excited. We are having family home evening with michelle at a members house who has kids about Isabella’s age. Im so glad that I get to stay and see them both get baptised. It’s cool to see the whole process.
   So me and Elder Merill almost got beat up this week. We we’re walking home after getting off the train and we heard a guy and his girl arguing. We we’re walking in front of them and could hear everything. We just kept walking though. then they cut across the road to go somewhere else and since Im still sick I had to cough. I coughed and then he turned back to us and just did like a mocking cough. “Cough Cough” Your in the wrong part of town mates” Elder Merrill ” Yeah We ar just going home”
  There was a car driving by so he didn’t hear us. so he ran over “what you say to me”
   “we just going home, take care mate”
   ” I’ll knock you out, You want to fight I’ll take both of you”
  Me-“dude we’re missionaries” started to calm down and walk away but then yelled
   ” you guys Yanks”
  Elder Merill “Yea”   ” I hate yanks” Ran over and threw Elder Merrill and started shoving me in the chest. “Nobody like yanks” PROFANITY profanity. ect. His Girl friend ran over and stopped him and we just walked home. It was weird though I felt calm the whole time. Elder Merrill seemed a little worked up while we were walking home. We are both fine though. All is good in Aldershot!
Um Im almost out of time so should probably rap this up. Ward in amazing! Companion is hilarious! and Im happy! All you need right? glad to hear from you.
  Love elder Oviatt