So we got tranfer calls last night and good news is that both me and Elder Merrill are staying. We are both really happy that we get to stay for the 2 baptisms we have planned. We taught Samantha the word of wisdom and the law of chastity this week that she accepted. we have been trying to make sure that she is praying about the book of mormon. She has told us that she feels like it is true but we kinda pushed and told her that she can recieve and answer to her prayer and know that it is from God. So we stopped by again to teach her I think the Law of chastity and after the lesson we asked if she had prayed. She said she had so then we asked if she had receiced a answer she said”oh Definitly” so we asked her what was it? So she told us that while she was reading the Book of Mormon that she just stopped and said a prayer outload and asked if this was all true. She then said that she heard a voice like a wisper, almost like it was in her head but it wasn’t that said “Yes it is my child” She said it was one of the weirdest things but that she just felt really peaceful and happy. How amazing is that??? Iv’e had some cool experiences w/ people reading about the book of Mormon but that one was really powerful. It really made my week.
Im still sick. My voice hasn’t fully come back yet. Probably because it has been snowing this week and freezing!!!!!!!!!! SO cold. The wind apparently is coming off of Siberia(RUSSIA) and it is sooo bitter. No matter how many layers you have it cuts through them all.Still havn’t got use to be twenty. I keep forgetting actually. We ate at a members house and Ithey asked how old we were and I said 19 and then Elder Merrill went no your 20 now!
This computer is going to be the death of me. It keeps glittching and deleating half of my message. Well Im happy and in good spirits. Hope you all are in the same. Love
Elder (I’m gettin old) Oviatt