So Im all better!!! No more chicken poxs. This week was blah! had to stay in monday-friday. Got really bored. Even though Im getting really good at guitar! :0 I taught Elder merrill how to solve a rubix cube. Watched the best two year and the testiment a hundred times! slept and itched alot. that’s about it. Very lame week. but we were able to get out on satruday and sunday. Actually had two really effective days. Had teaches both days and picked up a couple of new people to stop by this week. There was a mission conference that Elder merrill went too. We went on splits. Apparently the Church is doing a “inititive” w/ the Book of mormon musical coming out. They are buying all the advert space in the tube station and putting up Im a mormon posters and Signs everywhere!!! they even are going to have them on buses going around London. It is really cool. Is it going to be the whole month of eather March of April. The church is also going to be making a new website. the mission president kinda commanded all of us to put profiles up on mormon .org which will then switch to when it is up and running.
We are to start encouraging member to do the same. To put these profiles online. It’s funny how the Musical lines up exactly w/ when we are suppose to be recieving all the new missionaries. Our mission is suppose to nearly double in size. The ward took good care of us while I was sick. Im just glad to get back to work. We are going to Staines today to play football and basketball w/ the zone. Yeah!!! Hour long Train ride!
Hope all is well back home.
Love Elder Oviatt