So remember that time that I had the chicken pocks shot when I was little that supposedly was to make it so that I never get chicken pocks??? FAIL!!!  At the moment I am covered in them. It really blows. We have to stay in for any where from 4 days to a fortnight.

Im doing okay though. It really sucks staying in especially w/ how much the ward is showing us love and support for the work we are doing. I started feeling ill on Saturday but we pushed on. I thought it was maybe just in my head but then Sunday morning I woke up and showered and my chest was covered in spots. Elder Merrill is slowly going crazy from being in so much. Me too to be honest. I think the worst is that even if I take a night Quill I cant sleep through the night. I was feel a pain in my chest w/ a slight cough so we we’re thinking that we would have to go to the hospital again! But it has passed.

  One thing I’ve learned in England is that socialized medicine sucks!!!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER. When we went to the hospital for Elder Merrill’s knee we waited for 2 hours and they took a X-ray said they didn’t know what was wrong, set up a MRI for 6 weeks and dismissed us. We told President about my chicken pocks and he kinda laughed because off all the sicknesses we have been having.

  We didn’t go to church on sunday which was really weird. Im really enjoying Elder Merrills companionship though. We laugh alot together. Oh yeah before I got sick though I found out I have inherited dad’s gift at making amazing bananas milk shakes. So yep that is all. Just being sick and bored and sick and bored. I really hope it doesn’t take 2 weeks. I’ll try and take a picture before I get better so that you can witness the sickness. I really hope that I dont get any scars from it though. Got to keep the money maker looking good! 🙂 Love you all!!!!

Pray that I get better and can get back to work.

Love Elder Oviatt.