So this week was really slow. My companion elder Merrill is having problems w/ his knee. We had to go to the hospital both Monday and Wednesday to see what was wrong. He is having a MRI done on Wednesday and might have to have key hole surgery. We have had to take it really easy this week. I have been trying my beset to stay productive. Elder Merrill is teaching me guitar!! haha I taught him how to solve a Rubik cube so at least we are learning from each other. I don’t know if that is what president meant when he told me to learn from each of my companions. We have had a lot of time with the members though and it is really cool to see them trusting us again ( The Missionaries). It is a total 180 since I’ve gotten here. We are suppose to have a multi zone conference on Wednesday but Elder Merrill and I will be at the hospital so we are going to be going to a later one next week in Poole.
  Well I don’t have that much to share considering that we didn’t do alot but we do have our 1 ray of shining light. Michelle! She is really cool. has a 6 year old daughter and be are planning on inviting her to baptism 2moro for, Wait for it……. The 9th of March. My birthday. Yeah!!! Best birthday gift ever a Baptism!!! But we’ll see how it goes.
I love you all. Hope all is well.
Elder Oviatt