This week was I guess kinda exciting w/ getting a new companion, Elder Merrill, but at the same time I think it was on saturday while we were walking somewhere I kinda had a feeling that I have been doing the same thing for a long time. Knock doors, walk to a appointment, get flogged (wasn’t home) Knock doors. Go to a dinner, Knock some more doors. I guess it is kinda a cycle. I think I just felt that way after 3 potentioals that we got all in some way or another canncelled. It was just for a day or so. But at the same time it is really really cool to see how the ward has changed since Iv’e been here and that was only 6 weeks ago.
   Im liking my new companion Elder Merrill we get along pretty good. He is a really good missionary. He is 6 weeks younger than I am but has already trained and been a district leader. Our district us and guilford mostly got white washed except for me. Guilford got 2 new missionaries and then Elder Merrill here. The disrict leader is in Guilford trainer a Englishmen who just started. The DL -Elder Abrickson was the AP. He got released and is now our District Leader. So that is kinda cool to be able to learn from him. Besides eating cow stomach not a lot has happened. OH yeah so we live w/ a member anne Clifford (Grandmother). Her daughter is in the ward with her family and one of her sons is on a mission in Idaho, Where my companion is from. But what is even funnier is that Anne Cliffords daughter, went to BYU Idaho how ever many years ago and was in a play w/ Elder Merrills dad.So Our first day she asked Elder Merrill where is is from?, And if he knew a roger Merrill? He said yep that’s my dad. She just started laughing and said I kissed your dad. Apparently during a play that they were in. Small world. The look on Elder Merrills face was really funny. 
Well I cant think of any thing else so I guess thats all for this week. 
ELder Oviatt 

Haha Yea I laughed when Seku was telling me about the dog he ate. If it helps at all I think I had cow stomach. We we’re at a members house and she wouldn’t directly tell us what it was. My compnaion said that it looked like stomach but we couldn’t work out from where???? yea so that was interseting. Man I can’t believe Mckay is home!!!! Tell him and Justen to send me a email. I hope mckay hasn’t lost all of the MJOO7 that I miss haha. What is it w/ all this snow!! the second I leave here it comes. Thanks for the update on the family. I miss you all. Tell kylie to email me as well! and her and mckay should just get over there ackward ness and just get married already. haha Hope all is well
Love elder Oviatt