So this week is tranfers. We will find out 2moro what is happening. Guilford (part of our Disctrict) got white washed. Elder Jubell is going home and Elder Wright Im not sure he is going to spend a couple of days in Kingston but besides that he doesn’t know. It’ll be interesting to see who they bring in to be district Leader there. This past week was good though. It is starting to warm up for a little while. We got up to 12 celcius yesterday. So I think it was on wednesday we were walking home and walking through a park that has a giant hill on one side. Some kids had left a giant tarp on the ground so me and Elder Lusty looked at each other and started up the hill with the tarp. yep Totally went sledding at like half 9 at night in England!! Our baptismal date is amy. She is really cool. She didn’t come to church yesterday 😦 but she is really solid. She has a crazy staffy ( dog) that jumps all over us. We also have started teaching this really cool lady. She’s 27 and she has a 5 year old daughter. We found her knocking. When we knocked she said she was just leaving but that we should come by again and that maybe it was time for her to see I guess what it could do to benifit her. (tiny Miracles)
I hope you guys start feeling better.
I’ll let you guys know on wednesday if I get move or if my companion does! Love you guys talk to you soon.