We had a snow storm hit us on Friday. It was really funny. We got about 5 inches and the whole country shut down. Sunday both the ward in the building combined and it was only sacrement meeting and I still had to give my talk!! It was on missionary work and the increase the of our mission. So I spoke about how we are getting 102 new missionaries by july. It was a 15 minute talk. I think I did alright. We had a investigator at chruch this week. It is the first time Aldershot has had one apparently in a long time. The ward is starting to trust missionaries again. Yeah!!!! It’s always hard to build back that trust. But we are getting there. We have a baptismal date for the 16 of febuary. Im excited to see how she keeps learning. Hopefull ythe trains to Staines are still running. We are going there today to hang out with the zone. oN SATURDAY WE JUST WENT AROUND W/ SHOVEL AND HELPED ANYONE THAT NEEDED IT. Woops caps lock. iT WAS FUN.  We met alot of cool people. We almost got trapped in A town called alton because of the trains were getting cancelled and delayed. luckily we caught the last train home.
   This is the last week full week of the tranfers. I’m really excited for tranfers. I hope I stay though. The Book of Mormon musical is starting up soon so our Mission President is getting us ready for that. I was going to tell you guys something that happened this week but I cant remember what is was?????? D this is annoying!! Oh well. this computer is frecking out. Sorry I was planning
On sending a            longer email. Okay I think I fixed it.
But yeah over all this week has been good. We are really starting to see movement so im excited. Well hope all is well w/ you guys. I miss you and Love you
Elder Oviatt!!!