It goes good. I got a cold this week and have just been working through it so it’s not getting any better. haha. I miss snow. We havn’t had any yet 😦 Haha So it’s been the same temperature here about 8-12. But celelsis. So cold but nothing that bad. That’s interesting about Kylie. I know it’s still far away but I’m scared about going home. I just dont want to. I still struggle w/ things but being a missionary makes it easier. There is a talk that says that when we have the spirit w/ us, 
“under the influence of the Spirit,
all uncomfortable things—such as hard work,
getting up on time, going the extra mile, overcoming
homesickness, overcoming flaws of
character, and other things requiring sacrifice—
are easy.
That which is a burden without it
becomes a privilege when we are under the
influence of the Holy Ghost.”
I guess Iv’e realized how little I was under the spirit when I was home. Im worried I guess I might go back to that, but for now I’ll just keep working!
This week our church moved to 9 o’clock and then there is a ward that uses our building so we had ward council at 7:15. By the time we got to our DA last night I was exhausted.
Our new years eve awas good I guess, We had to be in out flat at half 9 and I stayed up till 12 but nothing that exciting. Me and Elder Lusty are getting on good. Im trying to get him to tell me what he wants to do more.
Debbi- Your lesson reminds me of when we had Elder Kearon from the area 70 come qand talk to us. He related God letting us come to earth to when a parent drops their kid off at their first day of school. Then the parent part way through the day just wants their kid back home. They know that they sent them somewhere to learn and grow but he still wants us to return and come home.
The work in Aldershot is going slow but I taold Elder Lusty a couple of days ago that I think it is because we are not working hard enough. So We or me are/is going to do alot better at putting more purpose into what I do throughout the whole week. Hopefully we can start to see some new people to teach. Thanks for the email. Love Elder Oviatt