Hi family,
This week was good. We had our first snow fall though it sounds like you guys got a lot more. I dont feel like I can complain about the cold compared to you guys but it is still cold. It dropped below 0 degrees C this week and had stayed there. So tracking has been hard. We still were able to start teaching 2 new people so Im excited. Im giving a talk next sunday so that should be interesting. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. We only have 2 weeks left of this transfer. Elder Jubell (District leader) is going home so It’ll be interesting to see what happens. This transfer has flown by. Even w/ the struggles Iv’e been having w/ ELder Lusty but we still get along fine. Im really tired today we played tennis in the the snow and rain so Im kinda exhausted. Apparently Im quite good at tennis for never playing it. Who knew?? It was fun but now my arm is sore, haha also the car only had enough room for 3 people so me and Elder Jubell just ran the mile or so to the members house we were going to. It’s amazing what walking all day does. We had a zone training w/ President Millar and then got interviewed. I love that guy. I wish I could learn more from him but it’s cool to see his drive for the mission. I want to be a tool for him and not a hinderence. I talked to him about that. It was just cool to hear from him and I guess what he wants from me. We’ll Im almost out of time so Love you guys and talk to you next week.
I really need to get better at sending more in these emails. Sorry. Next week! 🙂
Elder Oviatt