HI family!!!
So my new area is interesting. It’s the largest area Iv’e been in so far but proably the least amount of people. It still has a few good size cities but compared to London and Portsmouth I feel like im in the boonies. Im still gutted that I left Porstmouth righ tbefore Christmas!! Im going to miss a lot of people there. This ward is still decent size about 120 or so come to church every week. But they have no investigators. So we have to do a lot of finding. I want to really start working w/ the ward to gain their trust. Their is a couple or so 18 year olds preparing for missions so we are going to start working w/ them. My new comanion Elder Lusty is umm different from Elder Christensen. ALOT. We dont see eye to eye on a few things (rules) and I feel like its hard to motivate him. Apparently a couple of his last compaion were really relaxed so he picked up a bit of that. I’m praying and hoping that I can uplift him, even though I’m still trying to up lift my self. Hopefully as I pray I can recieve help to know what to do because right now Im just going to try and be the best I can be.
   I cant wait to talk to all of you guys!!!!!
  I need Skype addresses! So ether Dads, or Serena’s and then I’ll need your’s mom! Um what time works for you guys. I was going to call at 5 my time but that might be to late for you Dad and Debbi and Serena. Sister what time are you going to dad’s? Mom what time should I try and call you? does anywhere between 5 and 7 my time work? Let me know!! I’ll still get to email next monday so I guess I’ll try and to email leter so that way you guys will actually be up!!! haha Lazy people! I’ll email around 5 pm next monday. My time. K cool. Talk to you guys soon. 
Love Elder Oviatt