Hey so this week has been alright. Me and Elder C are really anxious for our move calls. I’m kinda in a rut it feels like at this moment and I just want out. But hopefully this next move will be better. Iv’e been studying alot about desires latley. And How my greatest desire needs to be focused on my mission and mainly, having the holy ghost. This HAS to be my strongest goal. There is a really good talk that they gave us when we got in the field that I love to read. It’s called the fourth missionary. Im nervous to see what my next companion will be like. But whatever he is like I’ll do my best to put him into shape!! haha. I’m going to besad when Elder Christensen leaves. He has taught me a lot. I love being obedient now!! And I liked how our goal was to be Exactly obedient. It feels good and the spirit helps a lot w/ that. We still had our struggles mostly out of our control but yeah…. I dont know what else to say so i’ll talk to you guys on Wednesday. You should befriend Susan Forsgren on Face book. She has some pictures up there of me and Elder Christensen. 

I love you guys and I miss you!!! Im glad that Kylie is home even though it is weird to think about that. Im excited to see what all of us will be like when we get home. One of the YSA asked me had a changed since I’ve been on my mission. I said yes, but then she asked me how? I had to really think about it. Im still thinking about it. Im trying to get a answer. but not quit there yet. So when you were talking about how kylie change it just made me think again about this question that she had asked me. So i’ll keep thinking about this and maybe have something insight full at christmas but dont expect much. hahaha. When do you guys want me to SKYPE you? Let me know a time. Merry Christmas! 
Love Elder Oviatt
Hey we should be getting moves calls soon. but nothing yet. Im sending home a box w/ a few gifts!! I really like what I put in it so I hope it gets to you guys by Christmas. in case we dont get calls until later today. Sister Forsgren (Susan) is going to post it on facebook. Dad and Sister, have you friended her on facebook yet?? You should! haha